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    Welcome to Mister Chill! My name is Adam Rubin and I started Mister Chill Hawaiian Shaved Ice when I was 16 years old in my hometown of Glencoe, IL. After first stumbling upon a shaved ice kiosk while on vacation with my family, I was obsessed. Summer rolled around and I was looking for a great summer job, but I wasn’t sold on the role I had accepted as a grocery store bagger. Instead, I decided to go with something both a lot more fun and rewarding. With a little help from my family and friends, Mister Chill Hawaiian Shaved Ice was born!


    Mister Chill has been found next to Glencoe’s Friends Park, at the Glencoe Beach, and at sidewalk sales and art fairs around the suburbs of Chicago. I love seeing the faces of customers of all ages light up when they taste the sweet and refreshing treat. We serve up a Hawaiian Shaved Ice just for you and are always willing to customize with endless flavor combinations. With a growing fan base, we’re excited to introduce as many people as possible to this unique and tropical treat. Mister Chill has been a great way to bring the community of Glencoe together, especially on a hot summer day next to Friends Park or even at your own event!


    Mister Chill Hawaiian Shaved Ice is the perfect fluffy, sweet, and refreshing treat for any summer day! Mister Chill puts his own spin on the traditional Shaved Ice which originated in Japan to quench the thirst of workers after a long day’s work. After shaving large blocks of ice with machetes and sweetening the treat with sugar cane syrup, Hawaiian Shaved Ice was born! The uniquely refreshing treat was then introduced to the United States in 1973.


    Now, in 2017, Mister Chill aims to replicate this authentic taste with natural flavors and the same melt-in-your mouth taste experience. Mister Chill offers over 100 flavors to choose from, making the Hawaiian Shaved Ice experience totally your own! Unlike a snow cone, the cotton-like ice never runs out of flavor, giving you a great bite from start to finish. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or a fun day running around the neighborhood, the soft and fruity combination can’t be beat and is truly a match made in heaven!

  • Flavors

    Over 100 Flavors to choose from!

    Mister Chill Hawaiian Shaved Ice offers over 100 flavors—endless combinations! All of our flavors are 100% pure cane sugar, with no high fructose or sucrose corn syrup, making them a guilt-free treat as well. Authentic island taste in every bite!

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    Private Parties

    We Come To You!

    Mister Chill would love to cater your special event:

    Birthday Parties


    Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

    Bridal and Baby Showers


    Day/Summer Camps

    Block Parties

    Corporate Events

    Employee Appreciation

    Catering Pricing Includes the Following: Servers, Cups, Spoons, Napkins, and 1.5 hours of serving time.

    $4.00 per person. Minimum $200 Fee


    Find Mister Chill At A Festival Near You



    Want to catch Mister Chill on the move? Find us at a festival near you! We’re always moving around to share delicious with customers all over Chicago. We’d love to meet you at local festivals, sidewalk sales, and art shows! Check our blog and Instagram page to find out where Mister Chill is at all times.





    Rent a Mister chill

    Perfect For Small Parties!

    Do you want to be like Mister Chill? Let us help you out! We supply you with Cups, Spoons, Napkins, 6 bottles of Flavors and our "Little Chill" Machine. Impress your party guests with delicious Hawaiian Shaved Ice just like Mister Chill himself. Have fun with flavor mixing and icy tie-dye—the sweetest addition to any party!

    Price is $125

    (serves 30-40 max)






    Partner With MIster Chill!

    We want to help with your next fundraising event! Give us the date, time, and location and let us work with you towards your goal. 20% of all proceeds will go towards your cause while customers will leave with their favorite fluffy and refreshing treat! As a community business, Mister Chill Hawaiian Shaved Ice would love to help you help others.







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